Farewell 2016. Hello 2017.

2016 in Pictures

2016 was a well-rounded year full of dramas, achievements, happy and sad moments.

Select Pictures from 2016

It’s hard to sum up such an eventful year in merely 12 pictures. It was really a great year.


My father returned to the Philippines following his medical treatment back home in Germany.


Girlfriend celebrated her 24th birthday, with the second ever bouquet I’ve given to someone (and yes, she was also the first one to receive a bouquet from me.)


We went to Jacksridge and hung out with some of her friends (before they buried us in their memory some time May, but that’s another story).


we’ve also had frequent trips to Samal early into 2016, again with friends who would bury is about a month later in their memories. :p


May was rather eventful. My half-sister from Cebu came over and had her vacation in Davao City, of course Semarfe and I accommodated her. Other happenings in this month: my mother got confined and I lost my iPhone 5c.


Yannah Claire gets enrolled at the Ateneo de Davao University – Nursery. Also in this month: I return to class for one last school year. Got elected as Supreme Student Council Officer. Celebrated my birthday on June 13.


In July I scored my first ever competitive victory, joining and winning my first Extemporaneous Competition – not just locally, but on a national level.


In August, Pokemon Go came and conquered – and just as quickly went away again. Also in this month, I got chosen as the Outstanding Information Technology Student for School Year 2016-2017 thanks to my aforementioned extemporaneous competition win in July. Other things in this month: Semarfe and I had fun celebrating Kadayawan. Late into the month, my mother got hospitalized. Again.


My mother got hospitalized again, this time on a slightly serious note. Also in this month, I got elected as Officer of the Davao Digital Influencers. We had our official launching as #teamDDI, and not to forget was our Economics paper defense where I have laid eyes on our paper THE FIRST TIME just as I was about to defend it. LOL.


In October, Semarfe had some of her classmates come over to our village to prepare and act-out a play required for their class.


In November I did badly in a city-wide extemporaneous contest only to become First Runner Up in a controversial National Extemporaneous Competition in Baguio City. It was a great experience that I’ve had with fellow students and our dearest OSA head. Thank you so much for the inspiration, words of wisdom and encouragements!


In December, of course, we prepared for the Christmas season. I spent new year’s at my girlfriends place (half asleep because I was fcking drunk) all in all, it was a great month to cap off 2016 which one of the better years that I have had in the Philippines. Here’s to more great experiences in 2017!

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