In this post series, I’m going to write about my favorite Mac apps that I use every single day. I hope you’ll like it. 🙂

I’m starting off with OS X Mavericks as my favorite Mac app. Yep. I know. It’s more than just a Mac app, it’s one heck of an Operating System! Not just any, but the latest, most advanced operating system to have ever come to a Mac. It’s also one of the my personally most anticipated OSes because it claimed to make the battery life of my amazing Macbook Air even more awesome — spoiler: it did.

My Macbook Air now easily gets to 10 hours on a single charge. Sometimes it even gets to 12-15 hours if I’m just doing simple things and merely write and surf a bit. That’s how great the battery life of my Macbook Air is, thanks to OS X Mavericks.

(For those having problems with OS X Mavericks “less than a minute remaining” during installation, click here.)

It was quite a gamble for me at first to go with the newly released Macbook Air last July (they got released a month earlier), but I guess the gamble was worth it. The Macbook Air was the only Mac laptop then that was already updated to Haswell. I know, it doesn’t sport discrete graphics, but I don’t need stuff like that on a laptop that I just want to blog and play some DotA on. The Macbook Air lineup did not get updated at Apples recent refresh of Mac hardware (and release of Mavervicks) which is pretty much the cherry on top of it all. My Macbook Air still counts to the latest and greatest of its kind!

I know. I should be going a bit more in depth with OS X Mavericks. But I know people who are way better in getting deep with shizz like this. I will, however, get to mentioned a few ups that OS X Mavericks comes bundled with my future “My Favorite Mac App” blog post here on – so, stay tuned!