Just a couple of moments ago I was able to connect with my Friends from Germany, I was able to send two of the three who emailed me an respond to their mails and well, it can’t be any better, I feel very happy and delighted that I was able to get in touch with them “from the other side” of the Globe.

The people that have contacted me were Markus Kruithoff, Steffen Eickenbusch and Nathalie Wenzlaff, and maybe there might be a couple more that will reach out for me, which would be really awesome.

At the other side of things, another big factor that has made a big mark on my smile is the Smiling Face post about the moon around 30 hours ago which drove more than 5,000 Visitors to the website in just one day, which is yet again a awesome fact to celebrate.

I know that there are some, if not a lot of lazy people who drop by my blog (traffic and comment stats can tell, you know), that’s why I’ll gonna include some pictures here, instead of leading you elswhere, but a click through to Pinoy Teens would be much appreciated.

Okey fine, I can’t locate the pictures that I used to upload on Pinoy Teens, instead let me share four random pictures of me which I hope the invited special guests from Germany could see whenever they drop by. (ugly me hehe)