Finally meeting Mary Claire part 2

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Just like I said in the closing sentences of the first part of “Finally Meeting Mary Claire*, medyo’y nabitin nag ako. Hehe. I thought that 3 hours was not enough to spend after all the failed attempts to get together. I figured then that we just have to meet again before I finally head back to Davao City. We’re this close now, and it might be the only shot I have to spend more time with her.

I think it was still on the same evening on the day we first met when I suggested that we should meet again; very soon. I was still bit doubtful if I could allow additional expenses with the little money that I brought along, luckily though, the honorarium I received was way more than what I expected.

The initial plan was that Claire and I would have lunch together wherever she wants. Followed by watching a movie at Gaisano and yet another dining treat afterwards.

It seemed a bit too simple and too typical for me. I wanted it to be slightly more special. Yes, some of my dear friends would argue that watching a movie together may have been more intimate but hey I know what’s roaming in the back of your minds about that, lol.

I was a bit hesitant at first, but I finally managed to ask her if Claire and I should go to Cagayan de Oro and spend our day there. Dine wherever she’d want and just take a walk to Limketkai. She was a bit unsure at first, because of the limited time we had – she had to be back home at around 6PM – yet she eventually agreed to my plan. So instead of meeting for lunch time, we’d meet up at around 8 in the morning at the Bus Terminal where we’d leave for Cagayan de Oro.

Both of us went through a roller coaster of emotions the night before we’d meet. Mainly because of the scare she gave me when she remembered that there’s a funeral her family may have to attend to. It later on turned out that she’s not required to go there. Phew!

I was so thrilled about our second get together that I just couldn’t sleep. I wanted the day to be somehow memorable yet not overly complicated. Gusto ko lang siyang makita, makasama and have a good time. It’s not everyday that I head out to CDO! (At mukang ‘di ko talaga ito gagawin all too frequently kasi nga, parang torture and 8-9 hours bus ride)

I left Bay Plaza Hotel at around 1:30 in the morning and arrived at the terminal at around 2:00. The people there confirmed that the next air conditioned bus bound for Iligan-CDO was scheduled for 4:00. I couldn’t wait that long. I feared that I might arrive too late in Iligan that’s why I decided to take the non-air bus.

Guess what? I arrived in Iligan way earlier than expected, 5:00. 3 hours of waiting, waiting, waiting. Of course, it was my fault… but you know, my father would call it German time!

It’s better to get there early, than late.

After waiting for over 3 hours… She finally texted me that she’s on her way to the terminal, which made me even more excited.

She wore those black geeky looking glasses and had a white shirt on, which was actually a Plurk T-Shirt as she later on revealed to me. She dressed just like I’ve expected, simple and cute. 🙂 I had a quite tedious time getting my choice of clothes right. For one, I had very limited resources for clothing, and second, my signature black slacks na gusto ko sans suotin nung araw na iyon. Kaso, nasira eh. lol Add to that my khaki pants which are part of my uniform, sobrang laki nun para sa akin. At naiwan pa talaga ang belt nun -_-

Ang haba lang naman ng post ko at ito, at kaka-tagpo pa lang namin sa Terminal nun ha.

Moving on, ayun, nakasakay na kami sa bus. I was a bit uncertain whether she was excited about our mini-trip out of Iligan or if she felt uncomfortable about it. I reassured myself that she was indeed excited when I looked up her Plurk which was indirectly about it.

We didn’t talk a lot on the bus. Maybe because both of us were quite hungry already. I almost fell asleep on the bus but tried to fight it, at one point, muntik na along mahulog sa isle and on the other end muntik naman nakakasandal sakanya, in other words? Awkward. hahaha. 🙂

I think we’ve got off the bus a bit too early, but what did I knew about the traffic in Cagayan de Oro? On the other hand, I think it was a good idea as well, because the jeeps around that area were usually full. Finally. We were now just one ride away from our lunch destination, Thai Me Up.

Claire and I didn’t exchange a lot of words during the jeep ride. I handed her the fare and tried to get some rest (sleep). You can’t blame me for trying to catch up some sleep after my way too early departure from Pagadian.

Si Pakit at si Maria Klara!
Si Pakit at si Maria Klara!

I think it was just slightly past 11 when we arrived at Thai Me Up. Both of us seemed exhausted and very hungry. I could feel her getting more and more excited as we closed in on our lunch destination. As we neared the entrance door to TMU, I had this odd feeling that something might be wrong or so. I mean, most of the waiters were sitting there and gave us a strange look. Like someone was about to say they were close or so. Luckily, I was wrong. It just happened that the two of us seemed to be the first guests they had that day.

Still, it was an awkward sight for me that all their eyes focused on the two of us. Like they were about to gossip about us or so. But I didn’t mind once we settled down at her table of choice. One of the waiters came over to us and accommodated us right away by handing each of us a copy of the menu. Andaming mapagpipilian. I had a hard time picking something out of the menu because everything looked delicious. I pretty much wanted to try out everything. Haha!

She was a little bit upset though, because her favorite desert was unavailable that day, which made us settle for the Sticky Rice a la Mango or in Filipino terminologies, Puto with Mango. Along with the desert I noted, we also ordered a plate of Garlic Rice, 2 orders of Chicken w/ Cashew Nuts and 2 Yellow Mango Shakes. Indeed, there wasn’t much variety in our food, but she insisted that whatever I’d take, she’d take, too.

At least, I felt a lot more settle and at ease during our Thai Me Up dining compared to our Tita Fannie’s escapade two days back. We had a lot more time together and well, the ambiance of the place helped out in making me feel a lot more relaxed. Could also be that I was just too tired to get all too excited and thrilled.

The Chicken w/ Cashew Nuts tasted really good. Originally, I only went for 1 order of them, and added 1 more because I couldn’t get enough of it. 🙂 I was happy, very happy, mainly because she seemed glad too. There was nothing too special about our time there, but you know, eh, you know! hahaha.

This post ended up longer than expected. I don’t know. I have been reading Percy Jackson books lately (I’m pegging in half way through book 3 in a matter of 1 and a half week reading since book 1). Made me very wordy. Just like the author of the book. Anyways.

I’ll stop boring you to death right here, right now and publish a 3rd post in a while.

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