Finally meeting Mary Claire

The first meeting of ours dates back just a couple of days… Thursday, January 12, 2012 to be exact. It took us over 2-3 failed plans to finally push one of our plans through and see each other for the first time.

Meeting Maria Klara would have been an awesome experience, and no doubt it truly was, but I still had to get the monkey of my shoulder (my talk in Pagadian) which somehow entangled me and limited how much fun I should have then. Klara suggested we’d eat at one of her favorite places, Tita Fannie’s which very much resembles Davao’s very own Penongs.

I was so relieved to have finally settled down on a chair that wasn’t shaking me all the time. Finally, away from all the bus rides which have really taken toll on me. I never thought it would take me 9 hours just to get to Cagayan de Oro(!) as you might have figured out narin, the ride to Iligan from CDO was pretty much kiddie play compared to the 9 hours of my earlier ride; the CDO to Iligan route was about 2 hours, no more no less.

Back to the semi-dinner-date-eb or whatever you want to call it with Maria Klara though!

So here we are, sitting at one of Tita Fannie’s rocking tables waiting for our food. I had pretty much no idea what I should order so I ordered whatever she decided to order. I figured she knows best because it seemed to be one of her favorite dining places.

My pitiful Kodak Camera, dating back to 2008 wasn’t cooperating well that afternoon. The battery was as good as empty leaving me with little options to capture the moment somehow. Well I at least managed to take a picture of the food and that was about it. One more notable thing though was the waiting number we’ve been assigned to, which was the number 18.

Ang gulo lang ng article ko.  :p

After our sumptuous meal, we headed back to the nearby mall, Gaisano. One, for me to buy some food that I’d eat on my way to Pagadian, two to buy some batteries for my camera and third, to pick up my belongings that I left at the deposit counter.

I think it was still a little bit awkward-ish. I mean, we didn’t talk a lot that afternoon. I was still a bit shy, and I had difficulties hiding it aside from acting quiet. In truth though, I wanted to talk on and on but didn’t knew how to connect.

Maria Klara and I were roaming through the streets of Iligan after we did the 3 tasks at Gaisano. I have accompanied her to her friends house to pick up her bag which she had left there. We walked on again, roaming through the streets looking for a specific jeepney route which would part us when it reached the South Bus Terminal.

It started to rain a bit, and I noticed it just a little late. I suggested she’d cover her head with my polo shirt, but she pretty much confirmed what I was worried about it saying, kanina pa ako nabasa sa ulan, okay lang uy… Aside from the given that she was already pretty much soaked in the rain even prior our meetup, I had this hunch that she was a bit shy… :p

And there you go. Nothing much happened nor have been talked about as we boarded our jeepney bound for the terminal where she’d drop me off and her home.

Feeling ko talaga ay sobrang bitin ang aming pagkikita. I’ve waited so long for this day to come and all we did was eat together and roam around for a while, pegging in at just about 3 hours spent which the presence of one another. That’s when I thought we should meet again before I finally head back to Davao City…. but, I guess that’s something worthy of another post.

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