Firefox.. Firefox.. Hahahay..

If you can remember, I have recently blogged about my 4 favorite firefox plugins, which are really of some top quality. Here I am, a fool, browse over the add-on site to grab more spices (plugins) to aid my online experience. Well, suppose, you know already about the recent event “Google Earth Hour” (if you don’t: It was the time when Google U.K turned it’s lights off), my web browser Firefox and Firefox 3 Beta 4 have shut their lights, and apparently, permanently, just like discussed in my previous post. 🙁

This Ghostzilla add-on really pisses me off, it s*cks so much! Guys, I really advice you not to download that said plugin, unless you’re planning to run amok on the streets after figuring out that you cannot reset the plugin to default nor an uninstallation of the plugin may bring settings to default.

I have created a new account on my own computer to be able to use firefox again, luckily, I successfully snatched all important files (bookmarks, cookies, etc) from my 2 old firefox and imported them to my new application on the new account that I created on my computer @[email protected]

PS: I have added those people to my blog roll now who have accepted my link exchange request, if I forgot you, please comment, or anyways, since you’re here already, comment down here :p

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