Look how quickly I can change my mind, or say, mood. A post ago I was still talking about ending this hopeless blogging life of mine. Yet, this very moment I’m writing this piece; my motivation could not be any higher!

I have created a few accounts for those who have volunteered to become part of the Philippine Teens Media and Pinoy Teens Online. I have prepared a few topics that I hope to discuss on PinoyTeens.Net, and I’m feeling more determined than ever before.

Thanks to DotA and to FIFA, hindi sila pumalag nung na-uninstall ko sila. I do miss playing the games, but it’s better this way as there’s no excuse for me to not accomplish what I have to accomplish.

Objectives by the years end

If this final quarter of 2010 will do well, I’m looking forward to split earnings on the networked blogs of the Philippine Teens Media, but for the mean time, the money needs to stay where it should be, that in the funds of the very blogging community of mine, just in case I run out of money or say, sponsors for hosting and other important payments due for the sites that I’m running.

By June of 2011, I want to have enough money from my solo-authored blogs which will cover a new laptop, or just a new gadget for me. My parents could not pressure me more than they do these days. “Where are your big bucks?” “Why don’t you earn money anymore?” “Why do you just play FIFA instead of writing something useful?” and things like that.

Well, good news. I’m getting ready now, and a relaunch of the Philippine Teens Media is imminent. I’ll be starting off with entertainment articles, and then slowly make base with commentaries on latest issues, news and stuff like that. Hopefully, all the new contributors are going to do their thing in their respective fields that they have volunteered for. 🙂