Globe BridgeCom stages Arakan Challenge 2012

Witnessing the start of the Globe Arakan XC Biking Challenge by Globe made me feel a bit bad. Why? Because I wanted to join the other bikers on their journey to Arakan. I’m quite a biker myself… but unfortunately, this event slipped under the radar for me until I was invited to be there when it all kicked off.

Start of Globe Arakan XC Challenge at Philippine Eagle, Davao City

Globe Arakan XC was a 55-kilometer cross-province fundraising bike challenge to save the home of the Philippine Eagle. The bike trail started at the Philippine Eagle in Davao City and headed all the way to North Cotabato; a mi xof road and off-road trail ending at Arakan Valley.

Globe Arakan XC is just the first of possibly (and hopefully) many more activities by Globe BridgeCom here in Mindanao that challenge not only the bikers but many communities and environmental advocates to join and raise funds to support the Philippine Eagle Foundation’s Forest Corridor Development Program.

The first environmental challenge of Globe here in Mindanao could not have become possible without key sponsors such as Huawei, Rapide and the Ayala Business Club.

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