Gotta Go My Own Way..

Classes are fast approaching, so is a brand new year of excitement, happines, torment, frustration and other various kinds of emotions for all Philippine Students. As I have reflected for a moment about school, classes, and all those stuff, I’ve come to recall something important. Someone special of the past, someone who has touched my life in her very own unique way.

The year 2007 was a quiet unpleasant one for me, so was 2006 even more. But, in the latter year that went by I’ve met a girl, with the name Lorraine (I dunno if I got it right). Today is the 21st, it has been a special day to the two of us. But things didn’t worked out well, and she had to go her own way… I couldn’t do any better, but accept her reasons why she wishes to stop our relationship which was somewhere at the ending of the 1st quarter of the last school year.

Like I’ve said, I’ve thought about her a while ago, so have I heard a very poignant song to me, which I’d like to share with you (most of you know it already, I guess).



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