Hands of Tears

The following poem is an english piece of mine entitled “Hands of Tears”. I have 2 versions of this poem, one written with the presence of my former bestfriend, namely Charice, at her boarding house. And the follow-up which was written a week later, literally with hands full of tears.

This poem speaks again about the unpleasant side of love, the poignant feelings that follow, majority of times, when love is slowly fading. i hope you will enjoy this poem, and maybe leave some comments below!

Hands of Tears

Dreams have been shattered
Hopes fade in a flash
No one ever caught me
‘Cause no one had to see
The Sincerity i have
And all the care of all my love…

Dedications won’t make it
Love won’t let you know
Just stare at me then tears, off my hand will fall…

The poignant feelings i denied
The damned words of promises
Kept my world alive
With a hand full of tears…

I’m about to leave so soon
Just take a look at the moon
I Wish that i may stay
But i can’t do in anyway…

I don’t want to see you cry today
It’s just me who’ll fade away
In my eyes you might be gone
But in my heart you’re still the one

The girl i ain’t stop loving
A angel who’s worth breathing
The wonder of all my misery
The miracle in the midst of my mysteries…

Kevin Paquet Creations Season 4 – Emotional Times
Copyright: Kevin Paquet Creations & Kevin Paquet
© 2005-2008

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