No, this is not a poem that will discuss about anything that could cause an headache nor a poem which is about headache, and this post isn’t a poem at all. It’s just a little article to chill. I need to take rest from all the work that I’m doing (which I consider as one of my hobbies) I haven’t slept the other night nor have I slept much last night, because of what happened.

A good question, what did actually happened? Well, my girl messed up a little. I’ve posted the whole gossip at some other place which I cannot recall, but the emphasis I’m trying to bring up is, that someone has messed up with me again, which is not really nice.

Anyways, besides this and that and some of my friends currently mad at me, I am feeling great today! Haven’t felt better in the past 5 days :p I hope you keep enjoying all my poetry here that I’m trying to deliver to you =)

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