It’s almost halfway through the year and this is the first post that I have on my personal blog! Jeez! At least, my other blog has received much more attention than this site. At any rate, I’m merely writing about me having reacquired a 3DS unit once more. To be specific, I have managed to get hold of a New 3DS XL unit, courtesy of a facebook friend who is part of our vibrant 3DS Davao Community. It wasn’t a trouble-free affair though, since my girlfriend opposed of such purchase insisting that it’s just a waste of time and money given that we’ll enter our senior years in college with thesis awaiting bot of us this incoming school year.

However, despite her pleading me to reconsider, I have availed of his excellent bundle priced at 10,000 Philippine Pesos including Fire Emblem Birthright (Conquest/DLC), Final Fantasy Explorers, Fire Emblem Awakening and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. All these come with receipt for the 3DS and some of the games, as well as $10 eShop credit and a pouch for the 3DS unit. If you ask me, it was a pretty darn good deal that I just couldn’t pass off.

New 3DS with Games

New 3DS with Games

I tried hard to ride the Fire Emblem bandwagon, but as it seems, these type of games aren’t really my forte. Or maybe it’s just because I just wanted to play Pokemon again as soon as possible.

On the day of the purchase, I immediately swapped out Final Fantasy Explorers for Super Smash Bros. Some say I was at an disadvantage in the said trade, but it doesn’t really matter. I didn’t really liked Final Fantasy anyways and I really wanted to play some SSB – even back then when I still had my old 3DS. I also used the store credits to buy Pokemon Yellow which I have barely touched as of press time. On the following day, I managed to find a buyer for my Fire Emblem Birthright game. The money from that purchase helped me to reacquire one of my former favorites, Mario Kart 7 and of course, one of the two games that I so badly wanted, Pokemon Omega Ruby.

It was a tough call for me to make, since the seller did not have a package for the game, I went for it anyways, thinking that I am not going to resell this particular game in the future as I’ll be placing my competitive team here. The only game missing on my wishlist right now is Pokemon X or Pokemon Y. I will use Pokemon X or Pokemon Y as my breeding station. But, I shall try to find my old Pokemon Y cartridge here at home – since all my Dittos and breeding related items are readily available on there already.

Now, with a few cups of Mario Kart behind me, I started to give Pokemon Omega Ruby its debut on my New 3DS XL unit. And here we go, here we are. Hello once again, Littleroot Town! Hello once again Hoenn Region! I have chosen a female character and I her namesake, of course, is my girlfriend. I have consulted my girlfriend on which starter to pick and she says that I should go for the blue one which means I will start with a Mudkip to be nicknamed Blue Platoon.


I’m looking forward to rebuild my old team revolving around Pachirisu, Medicham and Staraptor. Can’t wait for future competitive battles once again!

PS: Coffee, I love you!