He’s so irritating me

Hello guys, haven’t been posting much this day and the other, other things kept me busy and still keep me busy. but I really need to let out of something, deep inside of me. I cannot do it on any other blog, but on my personal blog alone, since this is my space, and no one has a say here but me.

For all the Pinoy Big Brother Teen Plus supporters of the La Salle Student Josef, I strongly suggest that you guys keep out of this post, and stop reading at this very point. Since that a**hole in the house is totally freaking me out, for a reason that I am about to explain :p

My former girlfriend (my chedie, alica) is so much into him, (I guess so) for a lot of reasons (which, every single one is a reason why I’m hating this guy and why he appears so irritating).

  • the name is the name of her ex boyfriend whom she appears to have had loves so much
  • she has an ex there at la salle which makes her to like that school so much
  • some other reasons that I don’t want to post, because someone could get offended (I’m talking about Josef supporters).

Damn.. I really have had hoped that he would be evicted, but no, I was wrong. Just as written on the Pinoy Teens Blog, his ass has been saved, by garnering most of the votes.

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