Home, at last.

After over 17,000 profile views, 6,000 plurks, 18,000 responses, 1,500 friends and 1,600 fans… I’m pretty much back where I have started… at Plurk.

It was there where I met people with whom I’m still connected to to-date. It was there where I used to extend the reach of my blog. It was there, where I gained motivation and inspiration for all my work. And yes, it was there, where I learned to love and enjoy the feeling of being loved. It was there too, where I acted like a jerk and a complete a**hole.

Returning Home.

Plurk has always been a happy community for me to turn to, a place to get away from all the serious stuff. Plurk always rescued me from high levels of stress and depression and has always been a resource of funny quotes and cool people. That hasn’t changed a bit.

I’m happy that I decided to become more active on Plurk again. I’ve made new connections and friendship as early as my first 10 hours back on Plurk. It feels so strange yet so familiar roaming around the microblogging tool, nonetheless, I know that I am home.

Learned to love and be loved.

The biggest lesson that Plurk taught me was about love. You could throw the worst criticism at me and I would still accept it for what I’ve done to some people on Plurk. I feel terrible remembering those romantic relationship I had with a few Plurkers throughout my 1342 days on the site. Yet those have also been some of the most wonderful days I’ve had in my entire life. No place else have I felt being so loved and needed by someone but on Plurk. It was a long distance relationship, but I never felt being too far away from that person. But sabi ko nga, tanga tanga ko kasi at gago, it took a tragic end.

If you really love someone. Go for it. Take the chance while you have it!

Seeing Familiar Faces…

Some people have changed, some people are still the same. Others moved on to other social networks while some remain pretty active on Plurk. It’s a joy to see familiar names and faces on Plurk!

I wrote couple of times about this Social Network on other blogs, and I was pretty much spot on then, Plurk is gonna evolve into something big and it truly has. It may not seem as big as other people give it credit, but I challenge you to immerse yourself with the huge, vast and hyperactive communities that Plurk has to offer.

I am home at last; and I am going to build myself up from here.

Come and be my friend on Plurk now.

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