I’m Georg Kevin, a WordPress Blogger/Developer
from Davao City, Philippines. 

I’m Georg Kevin, a WordPress Blogger and Developer from Davao City, Philippines.

There is more to me than these first few lines can tell. Keep scrolling.

Blogging since 2007.

I’ve been blogging since 2007. Most likely, I have been one of the first couple of thousands here in the Philippines that started blogging.

Blogging has been a huge part of me. Even though I’m not as active as I used to be, I still see to it to blog every now and then. 🙂


There’s one blog that I just can’t let go. No matter what I start, I’ll always find some time to tinker with Pinoy Teens.

It may not be the #1 anymore where I intended it to be, but it’ll always be the first for me.

KP Creations

Ever since I attended the 2014 PhilPOP Songwriting Forum in Davao, I decided to give my KP Creations and my pastime hobby of writing songs and poems another try. I’m posting new and old creations here. Warning: Some of these creations are so baduy and make even me cringe.