How’s life?

Life is great; but in just a couple of split seconds, life can be at its worst. Be thankful for Wawaeveryday given by God (or by your respective lord if you are not a Christian). We might not see the goodness and the luck that we have in comparison with those who just have less in life, but still continue to strive for their best, to help their parents and vice versa.

But what do most of us do? Well in fact, we even tend to laugh at them, for their work, for their effort. Why is that so? I don’t know. But, at this very moment I feel pity for the general population of the Philippines, the Society is just so unjust, if you are rich, then you are rich and get even more rich, while the poor tend to be poor and even more poorer on the following day. Can’t this stop? Can’t just everyone of us have an equal right?

I know, there would be some that would say that it would be unfair giving them a life like ours, since they are not working hard. I must agree on some cases, that there are really a few of them whom are guilty for their position in life, but please, not all of them are. Don’t generalize all people,’cause I believe, besides hard work, you need a little bit of luck. Even if you are the most intelligent person in the whole universe, but you are so unlucky that no one accepts your application, what’s the sense of being that intelligent?

Guys, I am not trying to persuade you to help every single poor person by giving them money or so, no! All I am trying to emphasize, that,

Even the poor have a heart.

Mother and Child

And I doubt, that they like to be laughed at how they live, their lifestyle and culture which is way different from ours.

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