I Miss Old Days, don’t you?

Today is the 22nd of the 4th Month of the 2008th Year after Christ. I’ve been writing poems for quiet some time already, I’ve been sharing them to my friends, to my family and to all of you via this blog.

In a little while, I will begin to write a poem, which talks about Old Days, Old Days I’ve used to be in love with one particular person which name I won’t be mentioning for some privacy reasons. And now, let me reflect to present to you, another poem that I am about to write.

But wait, let me ask you, don’t you miss old days too? In which, most likely nothing hinders you in simply doing everything, in which just a single, simple deed was the greatest gift that you have ever received? Just a little grind from the face of our parent that has given us light? Well, time change, and so do people. All those days are now over.

I miss the time when I used to be a 10 year old boy, with nothing bothering my mind, no girls, no websites, no school (well, I had no problem at school that time 🙂 ) no nothing crossing my path. As then one day, my family has decided that we should move over, to the Philippines. It almost broke my heart as I had to say goodbye to all my friends that I have left behind, and wait, I never was able to say goodbye to them properly, just a day after my parents told me that we are going to move to the philippines.

It just suddenly happened, and the memories of a friendship still stays stuck inside me..

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