I really feel like blogging now

I have updated most likely all my websites in the past 48 hours! I added a lot of themes and plugins to each site to make it look good, and enrich my readers experience. Jus like here, I added a new theme, but nah, not a lot of plugins that I have added.

Hopefully I can now start blogging with peace in mind 🙂 There has been always something bugging me, like; do I look good (my blog, not me) to my readers? Are my plugins in favor for them? Well. Everything is settled for the mean time.

Pinoy Teen Star remains most likely the same, I really didn’t addeed anything to it, nor did I posted in the past 48 hours there. Traffic is low and slow, just like I have expected @[email protected] While at the other end, my Filipino Teen Site Pinoy Teens seems to have increased in traffic and does looks well, actually that’s the main site that I was working on in adding plugins and other stuff. My Poetry Site Poetic Notes looks now lovely than ever, I haven’t added any plugins there (nor have I here) but I will try to add on a couple within this day (I’ve got 1 hour and 13 minutes left before this day ends LOL) +8GMT of course.

I would like to give a little update regarding my other blogs, and a blog in comeback! Well, randomposts.net is kinda dead right now, haven’t posted there for a long time now. And I will keep it hybernated in order to let my Pinoy Networks be pushed through, which soon will be a photoblog of random people I catch on the internet or maybe of this and that images that I see around!

Well, that’s all for now, see you around guys!

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