I was tensed, but I wasn’t the only one who has felt that way during the announcement of our Principal [1. Ma’am Jover.], telling us who among us will graduate and who will not. Everyone at the Audio Visual Room [2. AVR.] was tensed while anticipating their name to be called. She ran through the list of the female graduates in a rush and stopped at some point; saying: “I don’t have to read the female graduates anymore, since all of them will graduate.” or something like that.

And then she proceeded reading the list of the graduating students from the males. I felt like melting away or just vanish for a moment until I can be assured that my name was on that list and as she came closer and closer to my name. M.. N… O.. P.. Paquet, I was relieved to hear my name, even if she didn’t got the pronunciation that right, what matters most is that I’m included!

Indeed, it was a moment of truth, a moment that most of the graduating students have been waiting for, to know whether their effort exerted was satisfactory enough to move on to the next level of challenges, described as a “merciless jungle” by our Principal.

’til here, just a short update that I’m still alive and kicking, to let you know that I’m right on target to take on another journey in my life!