I’m an Angel now, don’t believe me?

I’ve quit RF Online a long time ago, but I played the said game a couple of days back again. But only for a couple of hours. I can now control myself when it comes to Online Gaming. Isn’t that an awesome mile forward?

RF Online was one of the reasons why I got kicked from the Blue Knights.

Besides quitting RF Online. I’m also having better grades now, and I’ve got something to say against cheating. Believe it or not, it’s me who wrote that. Aside from those emails that we’ve received regarding that matter, I had my dislikes about cheating as well. Especially now that those who, I used to help performed “just a bit” better than me in the examination.

To add something. I’m a good boy now. I’ve been sticking around with one girl for more than a year now. that’s awesome! Something I never thought I could do before!

So, am I an angel now or not?

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