I’m dropping KP.COM!

Hello everyone,

I’m the owner of this place, Pinoy Teens. (guess some of you know about that already), and well, I will permanently stay on this website, instead of posting on 2 sites. That’s why I’ve added this category labeled as My Diary, in which I will be posting stuff all about me and all those stuff that is supposed to be showing off on my personal blog.

Hehe, I hope that this personal stuff won’t get in the way of the business that is going on at Pinoy Teens, but further help in increasing the traffic of this website. Because, prior this move, some of my sites had shared hits from search engines for several keywords, as they have placed a 1 2 result in the google results. From which I deducted that it would’ve been much more fun, having only one of my site displayed there and all the hits going there, don’t you think so too’?

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