I’m insane sick!

Yep, believe it or not, I’m very sick at this very moment. I don’t know what’s going on with me physically and mentally. I’m collapsing in all aspects right now. I’m supposed to attend classes tomorrow but no, I don’t want to. I need to get to the doctor to get this dots checked before it’ll be too late. Who knows, this could something very severe. If you have the energy to leave some words about it behind, then I would very much appreciate it when you would participate in the discussion that I have setup about this on our poll site.

Skin Cancer, skin disease or just a simple irritation?
Skin Cancer, skin disease or just a simple irritation?

What else do we have on the table here. Another thing that makes me quite sick is the fact that Alexa hasn’t updated lately, as I’m supposed to walk into the 100,000 zone of the rankings by now with Pinoy Teens. I wonder if I ever manage to maintain that position.

Damn. I want to die 🙁

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