I’m now really confused

It’s been some time now, and I can barely see any development with any of my websites, most especially Pinoy Teens, which is actually dropping from all aspects, rather than developing. It’s been weeks now of headache, planning which site to develope, the just newly re-opened Pinoy Teen Star? Or continue to persue what ever I may get out of Pinoy Teens? Well, what would be out of my Poetry site, my personal blog and random posts then?

Haaay.. I just have too many domains.. With so much less time to develop them, and I’m really confused now, on which to put my hands on. I had in mind, to drop Kevin Paquet and make Pinoy Teens my main blog, so my traffic won’t be devided; since there are several keywords in search engines in which my own websites are fighting (on top). Which will really cause a diversion in traffic.

Currently, my personal blog is soaring high because of the email client article, which brought more than thousands of visitors here just in the past few days, giving me a good boost for the alexa ranking, since I’m up already to the 600k line and keep on moving forward. While the activity on my blog is really very very low, and as expected, my theme problem isn’t solved yet, actually far from solved, to be honest. Since my theme just keeps on setting back to default for a reason that I do not know.

Haay.. What would you do? Develop your personal blog which is about to soar high in Alexa ranking? Develop Pinoy Teens which is a PR3 Blog? Poetic Notes, maybe? Or what? Your help and advice is very needed now 🙁

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