I’m still alive but..

The first person who knew about it, kjaonline, said in disbelief.. “OMG..” As I have informed him yesterday, just a second after it happened that the PINOY TEENS ONLINE WordPress and Forum Database HAS BEEN DROPPED. So, before I can move on to the operation link ex, I need to fix this. Trying to recover as many articles as possible, and to make the whole site look evidently the same as it was prior the drop @[email protected]

Besides, love has caught my heart again [lol] which also keeps me busy somehow, as we’re almost 24/7 texting with each other ahahaha. Her name? I cannot tell you guys yet. But soon, I will.

Have you noticed? My Alexa ranking went up again, but the competition seems tougher, as they have hit (again) a better place. For the mean time, I’ve let myself enjoy the stay on multiply, since pinoy teens is still down. I’ve made a few friends already, who could hopefully tend to be, one of the future loyal members of Pinoy Teens Online 🙂

Besides this and that, there’s nothing much to say, guys, I’m still alive. 🙂 Oh, I would Paymentlike to show you something, finally I’ve got my Sponsored Reviews Payment worth 36 US Dollars. Click on the image to enlarge. Never mind the unregistered mark, since I am using only a free ware to take that screenie.

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