Here comes 2015. The year that I am hoping will change the tide for me. So far, it’s good. So far, I haven’t done much for the change to come. It’s okay. What’s not quite on track, is the poem that I’m about to publish. It’s entitled Indifferent. I wrote Indifferent on the 23rd of January, 2015.


Can you see the tears I’m hiding?
I’m close to breaking out and cry.
Can you see the smile I’m faking?
At times it feels like I will die…

What’s wrong with me? Oh tell me.
I can’t hold it any longer.
What’s happening to me? Oh tell me.
Why does it feel like no one cares…

I have it all, all that I want,
I have her heart and soul…
Something’s wrong, how come?
I feel lacking after all.

How do I make this end?
How do I stop my torment?
I can’t take it for another night,
I can’t take it for another night.

Can you see beyond my laugh?
Why do I feel like I ain’t enough?
Tell me please, oh help me.
It really is killing me…

Kevin Paquet Creations 2015

I’ve written better ones. This one, however, is quite #hugot indeed.