Intense Debate for Intense Revival in Blogging

I am off the mark again, haven’t blogged that much for a couple of weeks, but was able to make a short come back after announcing that Izy Mae will aid me blogging again. But I don’t just come with empty hands to join the fight for the prestigious top ten in Google’s Search Index for the keywords that I would like to compete in with my other blogs, I come armed with Intense Debate as one of the important plugins that should nourish my blogs lack of community and establish something that may be called, a community.

The plugin has gone through various updates since it’s first release and I am hoping that the plugin remains bug free and is better than the versions that I have dropped before.

I’m still unsure whether I can graduate or not for several reasons, wherein Trigonometry tops the reasons why I should not graduate followed by my grades in Filipino. Else, there’s nothing to worry about but these two subjects that gave me headache throughout the school year, but not for no reason. Yes, it has been partly my fault, but what do these talks help? If all that I can do now is hope and pray that my name has made it to that final list of graduating students, while also hoping that there is none of my friends, or better yet none at all who cannot graduate on April 2, 2009.

I’m a little bit excited about our graduation and I’m glad to let you know why I feel this way when the days to the most anticipated day draws nearer. As for now, I’ll leave it to this little update on my personal blog, shouting out loud that, hey of course, “I’m still alive.”

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