Sometimes I have been wondering what’s wrong with me, but until this very day I can’t find an answer to that question, to the question why I’m unable to nail a single blog post, a single passionate blog post. I wish to blog about the things that I like, things that I want people to know about and things that are roaming on my mind. But it ain’t look good. That’s been the case for about a year now, or more precise ever since this Macbook Pro came to our home.

On my old Neo Vivid 2121, I was still able to write something neatly. Something that would make sense and would be read by some people for certain. Nowadays, I can’t make such assumption anymore. Blogging doesn’t feels like being that thing anymore that I’ve been crazy about for two years.

The Contributors on Pinoy Teens are also dead busy, but I can understand them. They have their own lives, their have to do what they have to do aside from contributing to the community. How many are we again? Oh, 6. And two of them are off to the exit out of the troop. This post might mark the end of the Student Blogger, without me being able to promote myself as one. The second semester is fast approaching, and I guess that’ll make me busier than ever to even care about Pinoy Teens anymore.

I wondered what I’ve done wrong, where I’ve been wrong, and why this is happening to yours truly…