It’s Beach Time!

We’ve been to the beach today. Me, Angel, Princess and a couple of my other cousins where around. (I’m not referring to my best friend Princess but my cousin). We’ve had quiet a lot of fun and I’ve got a couple of Angelica Alivio and Me, Kevin Paquet^^,pictures from the fun that we’ve had^^,) I’ve noticed something on one of my cousins. She’s getting older and keeps on looking better. ^^ So far, I’ve got nothing good to write about. I’m scheduled to write a couple of lessons on Pinoy Teens, but I’ll be unable to accomplish the given task, since I don’t have any book here at home as I’ve (been that stupid and) left them at school. So, I’ll be writing those lessons on Monday with a couple other lessons since I haven’t posted one for a long time now ^^,) Anyways, here are a couple of pictures from the said beach sessions with a few family members of mine.

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