It’s do or die tomorrow

Actually, I have done all I could, stand the fight the best I could during the ACAT examination that I took up a couple of days back, dated 22nd of April, 2009, which was a Wednesday. Tomorrow, is the day when I will claim the official result for my examination during the ACAT and how awesome or poor I have performed throughout the test. I really hope that I will come home with a NOA in my hand or which I shall describe as the Notice Of Acceptance to the Ateneo de Davao University as an I.T Student.

A close friend of mine reminded me that I should be careful about Ateneo and that I should not expect too much as there have been a lot of applicants this year who would like to join the elites of Davao under the Jesuit’s hands.

But I really wish, hope and would like to count amongst them again, and shine this time, unlike my recent performance during the freshmen up to juniors years at the Ateneo High School Department. I was a mess back then, but is my detertermined and dedication to change for the better an excuse enough to be back under the Blue Knights?

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