I’ve got one tooth less..

A while ago earlier, I still used to smile. But hearing someone cry in the room of the dentist, it made me feel otherwise.. Just good an hour ago, I kissed the most annoying tooth of mine goodbye forever. It was quite painful, but I made it through.Goodbye annoying tooth

I’m scared of the Dentist, I admit. But I’ve got my reason for that. Good a year ago, I’ve been to DMC (Davao Medical Center) and got rid of one tooth there, and that in a very unpleasant manner. It was very painful indeed. Doom that young female dentist who worked on my tooth that time. Sue her for the pain she caused to me :p

While at the other end, as said I’ve got rid of another tooth again today, it wasn’t painful at all, everything went smooth and easy. But there’s still a single problem left, the blood still continues to flow out of the little hole that’s left where the tooth used to be. I’ve spit more than a half little already, and it still has no ending. I can’t take any medicine yet, because I still have to eat, but how can I eat? It’ll be a very bloody meal indeed, not that I fear blood or dislike it, but it’s really kinda odd.

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