Joining in the Influential Blogger 2009 Writing Project

It’s time to socialize. The Influential Blogger 2009 Writing Project ain’t be a better venue to do so, nevertheless does any other kind of Group Writing Project gives you much fun and ability to socialize with other people who are also taking part in the writing project, but this Influential Blogger project is something special that I’m personally looking forward to in taking part of.

Taking part not only by giving my vote to the ten most influential bloggers and blogs from my eyes, but of course by exposing myself to writers and suggest to be voted for. It’ll be hard to catch up with the other known personalities in the blogoshpere and the way that they have touched each others life in one way or another, but with the unique experiences that I have been through and the ups and downs that I have passed by, I’m really looking forward to gain at least the sympathy of my close friends to spark a little glimpse of hope to be voted for.

My two loyal co-authors of Pinoy Teens thought that we could give the writing project a shot this year, but it looks like we’ve been drawing the shorter again after being disqualified. Since the blog was established in March 2008, and should be online since May 2008 or newer.

That’s why I thought to try out a new blog and share blogging tips and aid the newbies in blogging. I might not be of high authority but the way I’ve come so far should really suggest that I possess a handfull of knowledge and experiences that I want to pass on to other bloggers, and that, through I hope that you could take a look at that newly established blog and might consider me as one of your ten influential bloggers for this year.

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