Js Prom 09

Yes, another milestone behind me, another terrific high school experience to be cherished and remembered for a long time. The JS Prom 09! It was definitely a great formal affair that is scarcely but annually being exercised by the PWC of Davao that has brought out the other side of most of the students. The side that no one really saw, the excellence in handling their dresses and gowns properly and the smart talks that everyone brought to table during dinner and the vacant time that followed. This JS Promenade differs from the JS Prom experience that I had a year ago when I was a third year high school junior yet.

I felt something that I did not felt before, I had this feeling like I should enjoy this night and that this is the very night when I could get a step closer to the ones that I like, in a sense of closing in a bit more than usual and yes, my feelings did  not let me down that night. This years JS PROM was surely a night to remember not only for me, not only for some, but the big majority of the people in attendance, if not, then all of us.

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