Just Have Faith

I don’t know. But earlier this evening, when I was on my way home I had a very strange feeling. Well, a strange feeling that I always have had since I started researching about things like Illuminati and the likes. I’m sure, I’m not the only one. People may consider us being paranoid, but we surely ain’t be. Probably most of you are just blinded to see the truth. But that’s not the point of this article, that’s not what i wish to discuss here, but the sort of weird event that took place.

No Man Is An Island

And it’s a fact that no man is an Island. But have you asked yourself what to do whenever you’d be left alone by your friends and loved ones? I’m sure. That all the people you trust can be counted upon and that they’ll be with you for as long as possible. But they won’t be around forever. The time will come that you need to walk your own way and make your own choices. We might still know each other and communicate. But when the day comes, that we both meet the common foe, 666; it’s up to you whether to follow or to refuse. No one will decide for you, but you alone.

I was sort of lucky to have felt the feeling of loneliness a while back. It makes you feel sort of helpless and weak. Especially when you realize just about how much you rely on other people, and say, the technology of today. But, will the technology be of any help, when the very technology that man has create will be your foe sooner or later, if ever the 666, mark of the beast is the chip to be implanted in your body?

You have everything, when you have nothing.

If we trace back history, and have a look at the bible. Adam and Eve had nothing but themselves, and God who watched upon them. You’ll have everything you need, when you have nothing. Especially when the day nears when everything you have, becomes the very enemy of yours.

I don’t usually walk home alone. My girlfriend usually accompanies me home. Because to be honest, I’m a person that easily gets scared and freaked about almost every little thing I see or note. Imagine how scared and freaked out I’m feeling during the last couple of days from all the signs and Illuminati stuff I’ve looked up on the net?

This evening was my evening to walk home alone. I just felt so walking alone. The dark path towards our house. It’s quiet distant from the street, and the part of the Village that I live has no proper lightning…

I wondered…

If I’d meet the Evil, what would I do? How would I defend myself? What could I use to fight against him?I really felt like I was observed by someone. So scared. So freaked out like almost never before. Oh, and helpless too.

I realized one thing, one simple but very vital thing. No, I have realized and known about it way before this incident, but this very incident reinforced my believe even further. That, when the end of days is near, the only person that you can turn to is Jesus. Drop all materialistic items that you possess and turn to him. Show him your heart, your good heart. Let him feel that you have faith in him and he will let  you feel his love for you and make you feel secure.

As I started moving step by step towards our house in the darkness I prayed “I have a clean heart, I love Jesus to the fullest, he is my salvation”, and guess what? All my fear was gone.

Nothing will save you. No one will help you but one person only. Always remember to pray to him. Not only in times of sorrow, but whenever you have time to commune with him every now and then. He is there, he will listen, he will save us.

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