Kevin – Alica ENDS TONIGHT

Nothing lasts forever, and everything is ever changing..

But of course, we may continue holding on for what we believe is right, for what we believe is correct, for what we like. But.. it seems, that there’s one thing not going on proper anymore..

and this final poem for her.. will show..

Kiss Yah Goodbye..

I am wounded, I am down..
I’ve been turned up from inside..
I am bleeding, I now mourn..
Can’t believe I’ve lost you tonight..

What in heck had I done wrong?
For all these errors, kept undone..
As I may not alter, our paths, our ways..
All I can do.. Is keep all those days..

Why is life so unfair?
Why`s there hatred and dispair?
Why oh why do I need..
To be hurt, and to bleed..

It’s difficult to understand,
and very hard to take..
You just don’t know what it caused,
all the pain all the heart ache..

I had waited for all time,
for you and your love to be mine..
But it seems that I’ve failed us..
and to move on now, it seems I must..

I know, it sounds very weird
Lots of mistakes in words assembled..
But don’t you feel what I have felt?
All I had that I have gambled..

And everything ends a tragic way
All is lost in a sudden,
need to get up my feet again,
as our story now, must end..

We used to treat ea other more..
Than we had ever done it before..
As it now has slowly faded..
and my love for you..
has ended…

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