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There are A LOT OF WIDGETS bloggers can make use of, it just depends on what you desire and what you want to show to your visitors. Well, since this is my blog, and my space online, I will present to you my favorite plugins, which I strongly recommend to every blogger out there. Especially for the new wordpress users.

I’m not saying that I’m an professional blogger, let’s say, I’m just quiet experienced with these plugins, since I’ve been hanging out and playing with them for quiet some time now. And believe me, at first, I really had some difficulties even installing them to my blog! So, let me first start with the basic installation process.

Majority of plugins run automatically upon activation and may be modified via the settings (in wp2.5) or the former option (2.3.3 below) page.
But, what should I do prior activating them?
You need to upload them to your file host, either via your hosts file manager or an ftp client, it just depends on what suits you more (or what you have available).

Where should I upload that stuff?

All plugins should be stored to /wp-content/plugins only, and then can be activated via the plugins button found when you’re inside the administration of your wordpress blog.

COOL STUFF: Before you let out all your sweat for uploading, extracting, moving etc.. files around inside your file manager or ftp client, I strongly suggest you to install the OneClick plugin which enables you to upload and automatically install themes and plugins with the magic of a single click (this might not work always, since there are a couple of plugins that *for no reason why* won’t work via one click) EDIT: IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to CHMOD some folders to the required permission! You can read it on the author’s blog though.

Now having your one click installed, let’s hop over to the next hurdle, the optimization process, but that’s yet another story written on Pinoy Teens πŸ™‚

So, let’s skip over to my favorite plugins.

Let me introduce to you, the All-In-One-Seo Plugin!

What does it do? This plugin is very vital if you want some traffic from search engines, it allows you to optimize your blogs description, meta keywords titles and more. Not only on the front page itself, but on every single post and page that you create.
How can I install it? Download the plugin (click on the link above). Upload and extract unto your installations /wp-content/plugins folder or use the one click installer if you have it installed, either way it will work instantly, oh, don’t forget to activate it though. Upon activation, hop over to your settings, and you will find a new option there for this plugin, now input your desired data such as the title for the front page, description, keywords, everything!

Let’s proceed to the Maintenance Mode!

What does this plugin do? It simply adds a splash page to your blog if you are going into maintenance mode, making the blog unavailable to both visitors and spiders, while you still can see the blog and are working on it.

Installation: Like the plugin I mentioned above, you just need to upload it to the said folder or use the one click installer, activate the plugin, hop over to the settings and modify the plugin as desired.

Your blog is fresh, let’s suppose. But tracking your traffic even from the start is vital (from my point of view) that’s why I’m next introducing to you the Statpress plugin.

What it does? It collects traffic details like how many unique visitors, page views, feeds, spiders etc you have had on your blog for a particular day, which search terms referred to your blog and from which search engine, it also displays details about your recent visitors, from where they came, what they viewed. What browsers visited you and even more. A powerful plugin, huh?

Installation: Just same as mentioned above. Only, that you don’t need to bounce to your settings as this plugin shows a new option just beside Comments.

So, you’ve got the basics. But wait, there’s more! Let’s enhance everything for your readers making it easier for them to react on your posts and express themselves. One of the helpful plugins is the WP Threaded Comments, which allows your visitors and you to reply to a particular comment, instead of replying to the topic you posted, there’s no need to add an to your comments, just click on reply to comment and you’re on the go! But be reminded, it doesn’t works for all themes πŸ™‚
Installation: Just like above

Now, do you really want some comments? Why not gift your critique by giving them a back link to the latest post they are writing? Wonder how? Maybe comment luv will tell you how! Or maybe I :p

What it does: Upon activation, it gives people the option to have comment luv working along with their comment that they are about to post. Which will then show (if checked) a link to their latest article beside their comment.

Installation: It’s quiet annoying yes, but, it’s still like the other plugins mentioned above.

Maybe you’d also like your readers to have the option to be notified when new comments have been added to a particular post, instead of receiving updates via an feed? Well, here’s how:

What it does? Subscribe-to-Comments gives your readers the option to subscribe to a notification letter for a particular post, which will notify them when new comments have been posted.

Installation: You guessed it, look above ^^,)

And last, but not the least of this few plugins to start with is the sociable.

What it does? It will add various of sites like technorati fave, stumbleupom, slahdot etc at the bottom of your comments, when clicked allowing your readers to bookmark them to the respective site they’ve clicked the button! This is very handy, since your readers do not need to head over to the site and make a bookmark from there, but can do it now with a single click! I badly hope that you would stumble this :p

Installation: Yahoo, nothing much more easier, but look above :p

Actually I still have a huge list of favorite plugins that I could mention here, but let me leave it to those basic ones for now. I hope that these plugins can be of great use to you πŸ™‚ If you think that I have missed any nice plugin or if you have got anything to say, the comment box is below, just send in some comments :p Oh, and c’mon, give me a stumbe for this πŸ™‚

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