Let’s talk about kisses.

Most of you have had a kiss already, least at the cheek, am I correct? While others had other kinds of kisses. Hey, wait, did I say other kinds of kisses? How many kinds of kisses do exist in the world? Definitely a lot. The imagination and creativity of the people are way to large to enumerate each and every kind of kiss, to define whether it’s a official one, or just built upon fantasy.

Like the SMACK, which is a simple kiss at the lips and shouldn’t take more than a couple of seconds, it’s something that less than lovers are sharing, or couples who are in the rush. (ie: you’re about entering your classroom and say bye to your partner).

But there are more. I personally have shared a lot of kissing sessions with my previous girlfriends (I won’t name them for privacy purposes), and each of those girls where unique in their own special way, kissing, is one of the best things in life. It lightens the load of day to day problems and make you feel more comfortable with your lover. Kisses, is one good way of getting familiar to him or her; but please, know your limitations.

Kisses can lead off the straight path and may end up in a 9 Month product; a Baby. Accidentally, one day, we’ve almost ended up in bed for a kiss that I and my bestfriend have shared, and that really shouldn’t happen (especially at this young age). Teenagers at the ages of 13-17 become more curious about the opposite sex, and feel affected for each other, and probably fall in love.

Is kissing part of love? Or just lust? Let’s try to put things in proper order.
If you’ve noticed someone who is loving you, because he was able or you have given him a kiss, then that is definitely nothing close to true love, but may properly called LUST. And lust, isn’t good for anyone who wishes to have a serious relationship, ain’t it be right?

One of the favorite type of kisses of mine is the french kiss or in the Philippine dialect called Torid. This type is more applicable to those who are committed as this exploits you unto each others private sectors. This type of kiss may end up in bed, more often. Because it makes people feel more like doing it. Than when kissing other ways.

What kind of kisses do you know? What is your opinion about kissing? The comment box is open, and I’ll be waiting for your respond

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