Oh. My. God. Seriously, it’s been well over 4 years since the last time that I wrote a decent poem. I can’t remember when I last worked on a song. Here I am, trying to find a way back into writing something lyrical or poetic.Inspiration to write a poem or a song has been there all along, specially in the last couple of weeks. It hasn’t been until today though, that I decided to really push through with the idea and share my creations on my blog. You can thank (or blame) the Phil Pop Songwriting with the Maestro – Davao for motivating me in pursuing this idea. Haha!

What’s KP Creations?

KP Creations simply stands for Kevin Paquet Creations. I know, I know, I’m Georg Kevin Paquet, but I don’t really go by Georg Kevin these days (and even back then). Although Kevin is quite a common name, I’m used to go by that name, and thus, ended up naming my collection of (shitty and half decent) poems and songs as KP Creations.

When did you start writing?

I started writing poems and some verses way back in High School. I was still studying in Ateneo de Davao University that time. If not mistaken, my first poem was written when I was a first year student at the said University. Of course, these poems haven’t made it far. I wasn’t quite the socially inclined kind of person that loved to share things like these with the class, teachers or other people who could help me hone or develop my talent (or the lack thereof). Yet still, I managed to write quite a handful of poems in a span of 2-4 years.

Why did you start writing, and what do you usually write about?

Poetry writing was my escape route from the real world. Writing poetry allowed me to enter my imaginary kingdom. I felt at home writing poems. Even if the quality was quite shitty back then, I felt more complete and satisfied writing these things. I didn’t have a lot of friends in school, and I was actually one of the unfortunate students that got bullied a lot. So yeah, I’d usually write about being bullied… or, about my high school crush. :))

Of course, my writing has developed to go beyond the things that I am feeling at any given moment. I was able to convey the feelings of other people, and so on. Think of it this way: words were my safe haven, while numbers were hell for me! (It still applies today tho, hullo Math!)

What do you plan with the relaunch of KP Creations?

For now, I’m not really sure what I want to get out of this. All that I want now is to be able to share my old (and possibly new) work to my friends and other people who are so (un)lucky to get across my blog. I told you, I’m inspired right now. Most likely, there will be a poem or two (and maybe even a song) that I write about it.

So… Yeah… I hope you’ll stick around, visit frequently and check out all these stuff that I will share with you. Seriously guys, please bear with my baduy side. Hahaha!