Kulitan sa Mall

My day yesterday was definitely one of the best days of this very year 2008. I’ve made a few new friends while hanging out at the mall, at the start I was alone, but exited the mall with a handful of friends who are there to stay. We’ve met at the 2nd floor of the Mall, at the food court to be more specific. All of them are fans of Robi Domingo, wherein my little banner paid off. And we began talking with each other. Eventually we then sat down on the chairs available at the food court to rest, since Robi and the other house mate’s performance was going to take a little while still.

The new friends that I’ve made are namely, Geneva, Anna, Hara and Khring2, Kim and another guy who’s name I cannot remember anymore. Haai. How everything can end up nice, and everything may be lost in a sudden. :p

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