Kuyeet was here!

My birthday kicks off very lonely, I woke up at 11AM (very unusual to wake up on such time for your birthday, huh?) There was no special food on the table for my late breakfast and for lunch, nor was there anything special about the hectic schedules of my parents, who prioritized work instead of me, on this very special day of mine. But there was at least someone who cared about my birthday, actually there are quiet a lot of them who did.My Mommy Kuyeet Feo The first one to greet me on my birthday was Daizel Cortez, from Metro Manila. Followed by Joice, Alica and Hazel, respectively.

Now, back to the special person I was referring to above. Her name is Feona, and she’s a 4th year high school student at Broken Shire (correct me if I’m wrong) she, along with her bestfriend dropped by here at home for a very surprise visit. I had nothing to offer them, no food, no drinks, nothing was available because like I said, my parents are away.

I’m now awaiting 3 more visitors of mine, namely Luz, Chelsea and Rex. My old friends from Ateneo de Davao days back when I was still a Sophomore there. I’m expecting them to hit the house at around 5:30PM today, but still there’s no sign for anyone of them coming, nor is there any sign of my parents, who definitely freak me out today. T_T

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