One of my close friends in school, at the Philippine Women’s College of Davao celebrated his seventeent birthday; on that occassion, I had to share them news in advance which is with no doubt news that’s going to be true within the next couple of hours. I told them that I’m an Atenean once again and that I’m enrolled to the Ateneo de Davao University College I.T Department. It was advanced somehow, but nothing beats my excitement to belong to them once again like I have writteon my post in regards my ACAT result, and the post which talked about the ACAT prior the time I took it.

Ateneo de Davao, is the name of the school that your Student Blogger will be part of later this day, the finishing touches aren’t too hard to accomplish, paying is all that we need to do today with my mother (who will continue accompany me until it’s really, absolutely done since she doesn’t wants to entrust me with thousands of pesos ’cause I might end up flying to Cebu; she said). The testimonial from the people around me are making me nervous; I have this feeling of uncertainty that I can manage being an I.T Student and a pro-B in Mathematics. Math has never really favored me, though I also have never really favored my mathematics but way back to my elementary years. There’s something that I need to start doing and starting to figure out how to manage the time for all the things that occupy my daily hours on earth is very recommended to start now.

I’ll leave you with these confusing words and hope to get back later with you with a few new announcement and surprises that you surely want to know about.