What do you think about long distance relationships?

What I do think of them, they do not usually last that long. It lacks something, something personal.
I’m not saying that engaging into a LDR (long distance relation ship) is not good, nor am I saying that entering such is recommendable. Since, from my point of view, LDRs usually lead to no where, oh well, it leads you to something (lol) but nothing good, in other words: heartache.

Based on my experiences, I never had luck in long distance relationships, but for one time. And that time, that I have thought, I have had picked the right person already, I was wrong; and got hurt badly. Can you imagine, a year long relationship wasted, and for over a half year of our relationship my partner had someone else on their place.

LDRs are just so insecure, you might feel that your lover loves you, but you may never know what he/she is doing, unless you know anyone from his/her place. But still, that’s no guarantee that, that particular person would come and break your heart.

Besides the fact that you are not sure of what the other person is doing, there’s this feel of excitement missing. Let’s say, you are fund of kissing, hugging, holding hands, well, that’s all just not applicable on long distance relationships, for the mere and most sweetest thing that you could do is call each other and say I love you, but nothing may reach over that extend. Don’t you agree?

There’s absolutely nothing positive to gain in entering long distance relationships, and well, I’m happy for all of those who managed to keep it going, for those who have found a loyal lover, and for those who have finally found, their material husband or wife in the soon future.