Looking Straight Ahead

This is a poem, that I am writing just this very moment, I’m currently in pain and dispair, totally shocked in disbelieve that the girl I was talking about in one of my posts is has been cheating me, from the start. I hope that you like this tear dropper. Enjoy :( 🙁


I headed into nowhere,
heading to the air..
My empty soul, my empty mind,
I’ve thought that she was mine..

I have loved then just at last,
I’ve felt all, all the lust..
Fell for someone I shouldn’t do,
Tricked by words like “I Love You..”

I’ve headed for the wrong,
and this pain can’t be undone..
As this foolish heart just did,
I do seem, to stop to breathe..

Nothing seems more painful,
right `tis very hour..
Again and again I’ve been a fool,
For someone wrong that I’ve adored..

Poignant feelings in my heart,
Painful scars deep in my soul..
Reluctantly move deeper in,
and appear unforgettable..

How can I move on?
How can I sleep tonight?
May I ever find someone?
Who’d come and hug me tight..

Apparently, there won’t be
Any of them coming..
Damn, I just can’t see..
See myself moving.. :(

All that I am looking at,
is myself there, dying..
I thought I’d go straight ahead,
but here I am now, crying.. :(


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