March 20 2012

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Hello there!

It’s been some time again since I last wrote inside you. I’ve been busy lately. Yep, nonsense stuff again. One of my *best friends* is said to publish an article at Pinoy Teens very soon. It’s one of those posts that I would learn to appreciate but of course, dislike due to their negative tone, etcetera. It’s going to be *yet another wakeup call* she reveals. Yet she won’t disclose any further details until the post is published for all the world to see. Or should I say or the small audience of Pinoy Teens.

Pinoy Teens is having its poorest run ever. Even worse than our debut year. I wish not to talk about it any further in this entry of mine though as I’m sure that I’ve got lots of room to discuss this matter once she posted her opinion on this subject.

### My iPod touch finally’s got some good use.

Not that I have regret purchasing my iPod touch – I haven’t at all. It’s just now though that I have unleashed my iPod’s full potential. I’ve got a couple of good games on it now, and a few productivity apps I just can’t live without anymore.

Here’s a list of the highlight apps that are stored on my iPod touch at the moment:


* Sky Gamblers: Air Superiority
* Cut the Rope Original/Experiment
* Sentinel 3: Homeworld
* Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery
* Twin Go!
* Air Tycoon 2
* Boogle
* Bejeweled
* Angry Birds (Complete)
* Tetris (EA)
* Contre Jour
* Burn the Rope Original/World
* Inotia 3
* Temple Run **like duh**
* Slice It!
* Fruit Ninja
* Doodle Jump
* Chocolate Tycoon
* Tiny Tower
* Glow Hockey 2
* Airport Mania 2

I’ve got a lot of other games in my iTunes library. Unfortunately I don’t have the privilege of storing all of them on my iPod touch because it’s just an 8GB one (6.5GB usable) I do swap out some games here and there.

Other games that I have in iTunes are:

* FIFA Soccer 12
* NOVA 2
* Asphalt 6: Adrenaline
* Sonic & Sega All-Star Racing
* Death Rally
* Ragdoll Blaster 3
* World of Goo
* Plants vs Zombies
* Defender Chronicles
* Sentinel 2
* League of Evil 2
…and a few more.

In terms of productivity, these are the apps that I’m making most use of:

* Day One
* Omnifocus
* Elements
* Evernote
* Reeder

As you can see, games pretty much dominate my iPod touch. You might be wondering how I managed so many downloads, so many games etcetera. I owned an iPod touch about a year ago. I lost that one though. I bought many of these games originally for my first iPod touch. Luckily though, I can reuse them on this other device of mine that I now have.

Other games have been purchased just a couple of weeks back. I also bought games and apps over the course of the year – without an iPod touch – whenever they’d go on .99 cent sales or if they turn free for a day or so.

I hope that tomorrow will be a better day. I have silently told myself that I need to get something started, but I don’t know – let’s hope that whatever my best friend is going to come up with in her post will be of help to me just as she tried to convince me now.

For now? I’ll be off reading Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian for the second time around. Yeah. I’m that hooked and addicted to it. I tried reading The Hunger Games though but immediately dismissed the book. The way it’s been written doesn’t suit my style and most of the content – even early on – sound like they are grammatically incorrect. I might be wrong though, but reading just the first couple of chapters already gave me an headache.

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