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3J and Kadayawan 2014

I thought that last year’s Kadayawan was quite something. Kadayawan 2014 has been the best Kadayawan for me thus far — save for the time when I was still studying at Sta. Ana and performed during Kadayawan.

The introvert in me has started to make a few friends and connections. If last year, I was mainly accompanied by my (ex)-girlfriend that time, this year, I have the presence of friends to brag about.

Let’s start with Friday

Jonas and Alyssa committed to a food tasting event, while I attended Globe’s pre-Kadayawan Press Conference.

The time slot of our events was quite untimely, since both events were scheduled at the same time. At least, we’ve got the whole afternoon vacant.

3J planned to go to Abreeza Ayala Mall. I was the one who has initiated the idea. It ended up to be not quite a grand idea because I had left my Max’s GCs at home.

Our Friday afternoon turned into a bore pretty quick since it turned out that Alyssa’s friend/s were busy with other things. We couldn’t watch a movie at GMall either, because that would have meant that Alyssa would go home late. Instead, we decided to go to Matina Town Square and chill out.

At MTS, we tried a new Milk Tea shop, JellyCitea. The Milk Tea was alright, the serving however, was a little on the **bitin** side of things.

Friday was pretty bland compared to how last week Saturday’s gimmick turned out.

To make sure things will be better come Saturday, we laid down an almost perfect game plan.

– Indak Indak
– 3J gets together somewhere downtown
– Max’s food trip
– Crocodile Park visit
– Parokya ni Edgar @ Roxas

We were able to follow the plan exactly how we laid it out, but not without any hiccups along the way.

I went to bed at 2AM. On the 3J thread, I left a note that I may not join them in the morning. Still, I decided to get out of the house and enjoy Kadayawan on the streets.

The joy of Kadayawan was on the verge to be sucked out of me pretty quickly. Dummy me, forgot that backpacks were not allowed in downtown Davao for the duration of the street dances and performances. Luckily though, the things in my bag were just a few wires and my powerbanks that I managed to tuck away in my sling bag.

After taking a few pictures and scouting for the presence of Sta. Ana participants, I went to Chowking Bolton for a Halo Halo.

Together with Jonas, we roamed San Pedro a bit and wandered along San Pedro street. A friend of his invited him to go to the UCCP building, which gave us an almost perfect spot to take photos of the performances with only one hiccup, they were facing in the opposite direction.

At around 12 noon, Alyssa joined us to make 3J complete. We went back to UCCP to check on a few more performances. It was Alyssa’s first time ever to see Kadayawan performances firsthand.

It was almost 2 when we reached Abreeza Ayala Mall to have our Max’s food trip that didn’t push through yesterday. We were just about to confirm our order with the waiter when we received an unexpected text from our co-blogger, Thunder Chick (hahaha, isip ka na ng bago). Naturally, we changed our order to accommodate her presence. It was great fun to have been in the presence of these three peeps. Jonas pulled off his usual scary stare at Alyssa (ehem) and told Jaiza what he knows about her zodiac sign and then some. Yours truly, on the other hand contented himself by eating. I was very hungry that time. We all talked and laughed like we’ve known each for some time. In fact, it’s been the first time that we all got together. Hopefully, that wasn’t the last. It was an extremely unique and special gathering because of Jaiza’s presence; we tried to invite her to our *laag-laag* since last week *pa eh*. Nakakasawa na ang mukha ng dalawa. Hahaha. Joke. :))

J3 + Jaiza at Max's Abreeza Ayala Mall.
3J + Jaiza at Max’s Abreeza Ayala Mall.
3J + Jaiza  goofing around at Abreeza Ayala Mall
3J + Jaiza goofing around at Abreeza Ayala Mall

The good time wasn’t going to last forever, since 3J had to go to Crocodile Park for another event.

In summary, the visit to Crocodile Park was a total mess. Of course, it was fun to talk with the other ‘old school’ bloggers of Davao and flashback to many notable events that took place in these 6-7 years we’ve known each other. It also meant that Jaiza and her friend that we left behind had to find a way into the PNE jamming place on their own. Again, luckily, the situation pretty much resolved on its own.

After staying for a while and talking to Elvin from Smart, we headed straight for Roxas Avenue for the Parokya ni Edgar performance. The TM Republikaravan was brought to us by Republika ng TM / Globe.

Jonas, Kevin (me), Alyssa and Jaiza [L to R]
Jonas, Kevin (me), Alyssa and Jaiza [L to R]

It was an awesome jam. It was even better to see everyone enjoying the TM Republikaravan so much.

A lot of handsets were raffled off by Globe/TM. There have even been a trio of comedians that kept us entertained.

The front act to Parokya ni Edgar wasn’t bad either…

Once Parokya took over the stage, the crowd just went wild. Even my friends have lost it. Hahaha. And yes, of course, ako rin.

Specially when Parokya performed songs that I can relate to. Jeez, kahit nga sobrang dami ng tao, nakita ko parin ang crush ko in the crowd. Unexpected pa talaga. How would I know she’d be there din? Perfect. Well, not really… kasi hindi ko siya na-picturan. Hahahaha. 🙂

Sa uulitin!

Nice photos can't replace the experience. Bitter kay maot ug kuha. :))
Nice photos can’t replace the experience. Bitter kay maot ug kuha. :))
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Globe BridgeCom stages Arakan Challenge 2012

Witnessing the start of the Globe Arakan XC Biking Challenge by Globe made me feel a bit bad. Why? Because I wanted to join the other bikers on their journey to Arakan. I’m quite a biker myself… but unfortunately, this event slipped under the radar for me until I was invited to be there when it all kicked off.

Start of Globe Arakan XC Challenge at Philippine Eagle, Davao City

Globe Arakan XC was a 55-kilometer cross-province fundraising bike challenge to save the home of the Philippine Eagle. The bike trail started at the Philippine Eagle in Davao City and headed all the way to North Cotabato; a mi xof road and off-road trail ending at Arakan Valley.

Globe Arakan XC is just the first of possibly (and hopefully) many more activities by Globe BridgeCom here in Mindanao that challenge not only the bikers but many communities and environmental advocates to join and raise funds to support the Philippine Eagle Foundation’s Forest Corridor Development Program.

The first environmental challenge of Globe here in Mindanao could not have become possible without key sponsors such as Huawei, Rapide and the Ayala Business Club.

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Blog Weekend Bootcamp 2012

Join us this coming September 21-23 at Philippine’s first Blog Weekend Bootcamp organized by the hyperactive local blogger community in Davao – the Davao Bloggers.

Whether you’re an old-timer or a newbie when it comes to the world of blogging, don’t fret. This first of it’s kind occasion, featuring both basic and advanced tracks, is suited for both amateur and pro bloggers alike.

Blog Weekend Bootcamp 2012 in Davao

Go to the Blog Weekend Bootcamp Event Site to secure yourself a slot now!

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2nd Davao Bloggers Photo Walk

Please excuse the content and formatting of this post. It’s taken right out of my diary!

Today was quite a day for me. Well, not really.

To be more accurate, it’s what happened in the evening that made it quite a day. I joined my fellow Davao City Bloggers in the *second Davao Bloggers Photo Walk*, an event annually hosted by no other but the traveling expert from Davao himself, ****, Sir Olan.

## The Silent One

I guess they just can’t help but notice my mute feel today. It’s not like I’ve ever been talkative when I was with this particular set of people – it’s just now that they took notice or voiced it out. *That’s just me, a bit **too** noiseless as ever*.

## Import (not from) Abroad

The Davao Bloggers were joined by another traveling fella, one who is noted as Sir Olan’s first friend in the broad blogosphere – and that’s Dong Ho who goes by the blog [eskapo] ( It was my first time to meet him. I thought of him to be somewhat different knowing that he’s one of the more popular bloggers in the blogosphere, but he seems to pace himself fairly well with our young group.

No, I did not lose my mind when I wrote the text above, notably the *young* part. Aside from our import from outside of Davao City we were joined by a handful (or more) of [Markable’s] ( minions. He dragged along some of his classmates, some of which are said to be into blogging as well. Of course I didn’t manage to socialize with them, you know how poor I am at that. But I hope I get the chance to meet the them, and hope they join the Davao Bloggers officially. There’s always a “next time”. 🙂

**But what did we actually do during our Photo Walk?**

It started off pretty odd. Our host, Olan arrived a bit late. The sky turned dark already and I couldn’t help but imagine it raining at any moment now. Then I realized that all the flashing going on was courtesy of the camera’s that my fellows brought out.

We later on found out that the reason Sir Travel Teller arrived late was because of the I.D’s. Once everybody received their I.D’s, we swiftly formed a circle and introduced ourselves. I had something new to say along with my name – being the Davao Bloggers’ Membership Coordinator for this term. Others introduced their blogs as well – which I failed to do, because my blog, may it be Pinoy Teens and even more so this awkward Personal Blog of mine suck at the moment.

After introducing our names (and our blogs), we positioned ourselves in front of the City Hall and took another few shots there. Pictorial is becoming increasingly longer due to the growth of cameras in our group. Back then, there used to be only one or two of them – now we had to deal with more than a handful of camera’s, each eager to get a snap.

We headed to the San Pedro Cathedral which was pretty empty as we arrived. The group has decided to settle near the candle lighting thingy (where people pray), and take shots of that place. Of course, there wasn’t much going on, on my end – because a. I didn’t brought a camera with me, b. I’m not that talkative c. you know how I am when in front of other people. I’m working on it, promise!

The next place we headed to wasn’t too far from the Cathedral, in fact we just headed right across the street of the San Pedro Cathedral. It was time to eat some street food. Guess what I ate? Nothing. I didn’t feel good at that moment and figured it’s best if I don’t eat anything just yet. I was tempted to try some street food, but decided to hold back for dinner.

It’s not that I don’t like street food, I do. In fact, street food vendors used to be pretty much my go-to-place to resolve my instant-hunger issues every now and then. I’d eat anything the street (vendors) offer, let alone Kwek-kwek and anything fish related.

Davao Bloggers marched on towards Rizal Park, right at the back of it. There were a few stands that offered massage sessions. I would’ve taken one right here, but I knew better and decided to stick with the group. I felt pretty drowsy and sleepy. And of course I haven’t talked much.

> It’s a bit funny how many people have come to notice my being quiet. I think first of them was Olan, then I guess Ria Jose, too. And of course there was our Medical Officer, Joanna whose attention I’ve also caught by just being quiet. The Nierva couple have sensed my quietness, too, I think. It’s a work in progress!

### We ride the… what do they call that again?

Forgive me, but I forgot the name of that orange colored rides we took (yes, it was some sort of electric tricycle but they called it something else). What’s notable about them though is, that these were electrically powered and riding with them was quite comfortable, except that I inhaled a lot of smoke from the surrounding vehicles.

Our final destination for the evening was *Hudyakaan*, a place specifically setup for this Araw ng Dabaw celebration. I’ve missed the good company from another blogging pal, Faust who would’ve joined me in having a drink. I was the only one who ended up with a peculiar order of some beer. All of the others settled for the more common beverage like water and soft drinks.


I was pretty much excited for this part of our event. Why? I was hungry already! And like I said, I already felt tempted to eat while we were still in San Pedro.

I settled for two hotdogs, one rice and a bottle of beer. It was not quite up to par from what my stomach wanted but I couldn’t help it since everybody swiftly went home or some place else after our dinner.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though. During dinner, there was this awkward incident and misunderstanding when my seat mate took the cup which was for the beer I had in another cup. The one with ice. I managed to gobble down the beer without the ice just fine, but it tasted a bit odd to be honest. But hey. That’s a nonissue. Just something funny to note.

I also had some quick chit chat with Dong Ho who sat right in front of me, and with Perry who seated to my left. It was a happy ending to a boring day of mine. It’s always good to have the Davao Bloggers around to spice up any day with social gatherings like these!

After Dinner, I joined the two travel bloggers, Olan and Dong Ho to people’s park. I didn’t stayed too long though and headed home right after our quick tour around the park.

I think I’ve said too much already and have left little to write about on Pinoy Teens. But anyways. It was a fun experience!

**Post with pictures, et al to be published on Pinoy Teens**

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Social Networth Day 1

Hi there.

I don’t know. But I just feel like I need to get something posted on my personal blog right now.

If you have been following Pinoy Teens’ twitter account you might already know that I am here in Manila right now for the Social Networth Media Workshop organized by Mulat Pinoy.

Everything seems to be going on absolutely perfect if we see it from the point of view on how the workshop has been progressing but from a more personal perspective, it isn’t quiet as how I had figured it out.

There’s this trait of me again, you could call it shyness or whatever but I’m just not able to make friends during the day – and here I am stuck in the room with no one but myself. I just don’t know how to jump in on the fun my two roommates have at the moment.

YET BEFORE THIS ENDS UP LIKE JUST ANOTHER PESSIMISTIC WRITE UP… let’s go back to the lighter side of things.

The morning of the whole event started out really well, we learned to know each other in some very unique ways. We also managed to set our expectations from this workshop and get familiarize ourselves with everything Popdev related. We even had a few distinguished guest speakers who are pretty well exposed to the social media world to guide us through then basics and show us a glimpse of how he huge social or new media world is going to look like.

We had Ana Santos (@dash_of_sas), Alvin Dakis (@alvindakis) and Gregg Yan from the Wwf-Philippines who shared with us their knowledge and opinions.

Geez. There’s so much more that I want to share with you buy my little iPod touch is t really helping at the moment. – this is where I am writing this post and a few others that I need to have done before a certain deadline. Kasi nga naiwan si MacBook Pro sa Davao.

Anyways. I shall get back with you with more once I get back to Davao or later when I have managed to secure some batteries for my keyboards whose batteries have run dry.

Lastly. I really hope that I could make some friends tomorrow. I really feel very awkward and shy. Ewan ko na. I just really suck in something I shouldn’t knowing the field (social media) I am in – making friends and dealing with people.

Just stay tuned and follow our twitter account @teensmedia