Well, my names is Kevin Georg A. Paquet, a typical Filipino Teenager; having a Filipino German Citizenship, ’cause my Father is a German, while my other on the other hand is a local girl originating from Cebu. I was born on June 13, 1991; currently aging 16 years and a half old. Currently single but committed to a girl whom we’ll gonna call Alica Kria R. Amoranto, residing in the world`s largest City, Davao, just like I do. I’m currently taking up my 3rd Year Studies in High School at the Philippine Women`s College of Davao City, well, classes are almost over! Uhmm.. I’m fond of playing Computer Games, well actually there’s just one game I know as much as I know myself [lol] and that’s namely, Rising Force Online. I am also fond of creating websites [as you may have noticed], blogs, forums and their like that are all shown online. I do also favor writing stuff! Like poetry for an example, which I really do well and keep as a precious asset of mine =) I used to live a lonely life, a life of a loner, having friends less than my 2 hands could count. But it’s fine for me, I have come over that kind of living since I was young; so, why shouldn’t I over come it at present times? I used to live by the saying “Alone I am strong” which has been proven to be foolishly mistaken by me. One of the greatest concepts in life that I follow is the religious art of living.. Once when I fall down? I do hear the majesty above whispering into my ears that..

A quotation that keeps me moving on in life:

You did not come to this place by accident, you are exactly where I’ve meant for you to be.