Move On

Just like most of my poems do, this poem tackles love from an different aspect; from the downside. I have written “Move On” about 2 years ago, with no one “really” to dedicated it to, as it just suits a lot of occassions, especially in times when I am broken hearted. I hope you like this poem of mine, and come to move on too..


Love is precious

Love can make you smile

And hurt ones in a while..

I fear that one day

I’ll see go and step away

Here now I’m waiting ’til I may move on

Here now hopin’ that you’d make me strong..

But.. All we’ve received is pain

As we both don’t want to love again

Don’t love in a way to fall for each other

Don’t love in a way to forget one another…

Move on.. But is this right?

I tried but.. but these sleepless nights..

I’m remembering what we’ve been through

Those times we said, `I love you`…

You said that you hate me

You don’t want to talk to me

But don’t let go of everything

Don’t let go.. of everything..

I see you happy with someone right now

I’m glad to sad that that I didn’t made t…

I failed you, I failed `us`..

And to be hurt now Baby, it seems I must..

Weird words now been spoken

By my wounded heart and soul

Full of pain and frustration..

As I must move on, after all…

Kevin Paquet Creations Season 3 – Move On

Copyright: Kevin Paquet Creations & Kevin Paquet

© 2005-2007

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