We write the year 2008, the eleventh month of the year, wherein on a lone Saturday Afternoon, I’ve lost my friendship, trust and everything else in relation to one of my closest friends in school (from my view). And there is no turning back, no undo button to rewind the incident that caused this trouble, no system restore to regain whatever good we shared.

How much I would give to be able to approach her, I can’t do it. She has been ignoring me all the time for 2 straight days now. Imagine what kind of hell that must have been for me, unable to approach one of the few friends I have in our class.

My friends on social networks across the web that I am taking part of are teasing me, as well as my Chat buddies. They keep on saying that I may feel something special for her, yes indeed, she’s special. But it’s not love that I feel. Let’s call it friendship, rather.

Last Saturday, our group for the Musical Play in English decided to have a little pratice at one of our friends homes, Rico’s house. But instead of practicing, we ended up drinking Gilbey’s Gin with yackie Grape Juice. After we emptied the big bottle of Gilbey’s Gin, we went on our journey to a internet cafe, half of our group wasn’t really theirselves that time, and I was one of them who got a bit drunk from the gimik earlier.

Hmm. After proceeding from one cafe to the other, we finally found a vacant one that was able to accommodate most of us. And there it happened, the Mr Almighty Prank; which wasn’t a nice gimik anymore but became offending. She is mad at me because of this and I don’t know what I should do, I need your help, advice and suggestions how to make her anger at me go away. I don’t want to loose such a good friend, I don’t want our friendship to end this way 🙁

It’s still a half of the school year to go, and seeing each other daily but not talking with each other is hell.