Must Read for Affies and Link Partners

Hello guys, I have read all your blog comments and guestbook entries here on my blog. I just finished checking all my back links and link exchange partners and found a couple of blogs not linking back to me anymore, namely: Peppermint, Pinay Doll, Pinay Mommy, Pinay Mommy Online.
Of course, the nofollow relationship has been applied to those given links above.

Moving on, all those who have had wanted to link exchange with me. especially those who wrote at my guestbook, I have added you to my blog roll already 🙂

What else could I add on?

Well, for now this is all that I can think of. I have been really busy lately on a new/old project that I am working on, as I am currently polishing one of my site. which I’ll soon present to you, here.

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