My Bestfriend

I used to have my bestfriend from the opposite sex, since I am a Male, then my best is a Female; obviously. Sometimes it just happens (like it usually happens) that a boy and a girl suddenly fall in love, and that majority of occassions, the relationship doesn’t last that long anymore.

Well, this poem won’t discuss about bestfriend love which evolved into true love, but my love and thankfulnes for my bestfriend herself, who has been just such a nice person to me. 🙂


I’ve never known too many people
But you are one of the very few
For whom i am proud to say
That i found a bestfriend inside of you…

Maybe we’re distant
But you seem so deep important
Maybe you won’t believe me
But it’s clear and wide to see…

Though i’ve met many friends
You’ll be one until my end
And forever i’ll remember
All between us, what we’ve shared together…

I’ll cherrish every memory
For all i wanna be
Just to see you smile
Not just ones, but most in a while…

I don’t know why i met you
I don’t know why you’re still here
Can’t think of any reason
Why i’m happy when you’re near…

You came when everyone was gone
You never ever left me alone
And you’ve thought me how to carry on…

You’ve given me the love i needed
You were my defense in times i’ve been weakened
By the poignant feelings i felt that time
And i’m thankful having you
The dearest friend of mine…

I wish that our friendship will last
From now until a never ending
It’s you who gave me a fruitful past
And i’m thankful just for everything…

And i swear that until i die
To you i’ll never lie…
I will never leave you behind
In happy or in sad times…

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