My Birthday’s Fast Approaching

My birthday is on the 13th of this very 6th month of the year. (June 13, if you’re a dummy who can’t understand the latter words) Only good 2 weeks from now, I’ll turn 17 and turn to the next page, another chapter of my life. I wonder what kind of surprises are waiting for me then. Will it be the start of a happy me? Or will I remain isolated, just there behind my shadow, unable to socialize well with other people (which is my present problem now). I hope not, I hope that I’ll be able to make it through and get out of the shell once and for all.

The 13th of June, marks the end of 16 different stories in my life, wherein I’ve met people, I’ve lost people, I’ve hated and I’ve loved. But one thing stands for sure, Pinoy Teens will be a continual part of my daily life and activities, just like it has been before. Well, there’s a little problem and I have this curious query now on, what is the most recommended digital camera for the price range 5,000 Pesos – 7,000 Pesos?

I badly need one for my newest and latest project (that I still have in mind and not on PHP). Which is a Photoblog about my daily activities, I can’t tell the domain name yet, ’cause I don’t want anyone to sneak them away from me, but for sure it’ll be something nice to look forward to, in spite the fact that I still have many other projects that are awaiting my presence. 😐

So, if you know any good digi cam, please let me know!

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